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Frequently Asked Questions

What is family policy?

What is a family impact lens in policymaking?

Why do we need a family impact lens in policymaking?

What is a family impact analysis?

What are Family Impact Seminars?

What makes the Family Impact Seminars unique?

Do Family Impact Seminars work?

What do participants say about Family Impact Seminars?

"The ability to present and prepare unbiased research based on objective analysis and without political taint is truly refreshing." Wisconsin State Legislator

"(The seminar) expanded my knowledge and interest of what is occurring in other states." Illinois State Agency Representative

"I like the seminars because they are a fast way to learn." Wisconsin State Legislator

"Right amount of information presented by knowledgeable people. Neutral presenters not trying to sell a product…Very well done." North Carolina Governor’s Office Advisor

"(The Family Impact Seminars are) doing a great job focusing on issues and programs that positively affect policy." Michigan Legislative Aide

"Short, information-packed seminars" Wisconsin Legislative Aide

"The Family Impact Seminars are something we make time for….this is the only time such a broad group gets together to really discuss family-related issues in an atmosphere that encourages good public policymaking over politics." Wisconsin State Agency Section Chief

"I thought the seminar was fantastic...We are so immersed in the legislative session that we rarely can examine the issues on a pure policy basis because partisan politics does overshadow much of our work." Minnesota State Legislator

When did the Seminars start?

Which states are conducting Family Impact Seminars?

What issues have been covered?

Who conducts the Seminars?

How can my organization apply to be a Family Impact Seminar state site?

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