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Publications - Briefing Reports Organized by Policy Issue

Child Abuse and Exploitation/Family, School, and Community Violence

Child Care and Early Education/After School Programs

Families and Education/Dropout Prevention

Child and Family Health

Family Poverty

Foster Care/Family Services/Military Families

Juvenile Crime/Corrections Policy

Dec  2011 MI Juvenile Justice: Investing in Success
May  2011 MI Reforming Juvenile Justice: Fiscally Sound, Evidence-Based Strategies
Jan  2011 UT Family Courts: Past and Future
Mar  2009 MI Policy Options for Justice Reinvestment in Michigan: Implications for Families
Nov  2008 NM The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children, and the Community: Consequences and Costs
Jan  2008 WI Looking Beyond the Prison Gate: New Directions in Prisoner Reentry
Oct  2007 WI Cost-Effective Approaches in Juvenile and Adult Corrections: What Works? What Doesn’t?
Mar  2007 NC Adolescent Offenders and the Line between the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems
Feb  2006 IL What Works in Reducing Crime: A Family Perspective for State Policymaking
Apr  2005 DC Children of Prisoners
Nov  2004 DC Parental Involvement in Juvenile Justice: Prospects and Possibilities
Oct  2003 WI Corrections Policy: Can States Cut Costs and Still Curb Crime?
Jan  2003 DC DC Family Court: How Is It Working?
Mar  2002 MI What About Me? Children with Incarcerated Parents
Mar  2001 MI Promising Approaches to Reduce Youth Violence
May  1997 DC Diverting Children from Crime: Family-Centered, Community-Based Strategies for Prevention
Feb  1997 WI Programs and Policies to Prevent Youth Crime, Smoking and Substance Use: What Works?
May  1994 WI Promising Approaches for Addressing Juvenile Crime

Strengthening Families/Parenting

Teen Pregnancy

Aging and Long-Term Care

Family Economic Security/Jobs/State Economic Growth

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